Re: CSS WG - Pulling Back the Curtains

On Friday 2008-03-28 09:05 -0700, Alan Gresley wrote:
> All I'm am doing is asking the questions. Can the CSS WG working group
> publicly admit that there are holes in CSS2.1. I have heard from a
> second hand source that Hixie also see the holes and that we should
> just ignore various parts of CSS2.1. Hearing this second hand doesn't
> give me much faith. When I read the CSS2.1 specs regarding layout all
> I do is going round in circles without ever finding the answers. :-)

Of *course* there are bugs in CSS 2.1.  We (the CSS working group)
are working to fix them, and we will continue to work to fix them
even after it reaches Recommendation.  But your messages are not
being written a way that is effective at helping to fix them.

If you want to raise issues in CSS 2.1, please follow the
instructions in regarding
including [CSS21] in the subject of the message, raise one issue
per message, and give the message a subject line that is a concise
summary of the issue so that the people who are knowledgable about
that topic can respond.  (That is, raising technical issues in a
message whose subject is "Pulling Back the Curtains" isn't going to
get noticed by the right people.)


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