Re: CSS Charter

Maciej Stachowiak wrote:

> I hope this information is helpful to the Working Group.

Absolutely. I have a few comments on your answers, namely about the
reason why a new CSS property could not just refer to an SVG or SMIL
chunk to achieve the effects you're looking for. After all, the filter
property defined by the SVG spec uses a url() argument, and external
stylesheets are themselves well uh external to the markup instance...
A filter or transition or animation could be itself external to the
CSS instance, and SVG- or SMIL-based, w/o mixing HTML and SVG or SMIL.

Other than that, I personnally agree on the simplicity of a
CSS-based solution like the one you propose.

> In any case, I am a little concerns that as chair you seem to have 
> somewhat negative feelings about this feature going into the charter 
> discussion. It is of course your duty to be skeptical of charter 
> proposals, and feature proposals generally, but I hope you will consider 
> Apple's proposals with an open mind.

I have no feeling at all. Your proposals are just introducing CSS 
features already existing in at least two W3C RECs and it's
absolutely normal to ask why the Membership should invest time,
workforce, energy and money on the same subjects again, and why the
Web should have two solutions to the same problem. Right ?
Again I have no feeling at all. You're bringing in proposals and you
can be sure these proposals will be discussed just like any other.


Received on Wednesday, 26 March 2008 06:54:53 UTC