Re: [css2.1] :first-line behvior

Brad Kemper wrote:
>> P.S.  Some of these issues do exist with ::first-line as it stands.
> That's what I was thinking as I read your comments. It seems like you 
> must already have strategies for dealing with it. I didn't completely 
> follow why its currently a "a little easier to deal with" than what I 
> was suggesting. Does this actually make it much worse?

Yes.  It violates the CSS processing model in a much more serious way than the 
existing first-line setup.  And even the existing one is bad enough that I've 
been really tempted to just back it out completely instead of continuing to try 
to make it work somehow.

> If getComputedStyle() doesn't work on first-line (because it is not part 
> of the document tree), then I would not expect it to work on its 
> descendants either.

That doesn't make much sense, since those descendants _are_ in the tree.


Received on Thursday, 20 March 2008 16:55:14 UTC