RE: Definition of width on columns (was Re: Agenda CSS telcon Feb 26, 2008)

On Tuesday, March 11, 2008 9:41 AM, fantasai wrote:

> If you expect the definition in CSS3 to be incompatible with the definition
> currently in CSS2.1, then do not close the issue. Instead state what needs
> to be changed or left undefined so that a conforming CSS3 UA is also a
> conforming CSS2.1 UA.

Currently I think the CSS3 tables definition in this case for 'width' will be very close to CSS 2.1 it will just clarifies things more. I don't see anything at the moment that will make the 'width' definition incompatible.

Text that I propose that we add would be something like this. This still needs some refinement but it's a good start I think.

        The 'width' property gives the minimum width for the column. Further details on 'width' for tables can be found in section for Fixed table layout and for Automatic table layout. Note that Automatic table layout is non-normative for CSS 2.1 and will be further defined in CSS3 Tables.

This text is somewhat redundant but it now clarifies where the information should be coming from all in one place.

Arron Eicholz

Received on Wednesday, 12 March 2008 20:27:54 UTC