RE: [CSS21] [css3-selectors] attribute selectors

fantasai wrote:

> Finally, wrt the resolution in
> about making empty string substring match selectors invalid, I'll note that
> Firefox, Opera, and IE7 all treat [attr~=""] as valid but not matching anything
> and Safari matches it against some values of attr. Are we sure we want to make
> these invalid rather than specifying existing behavior?
> ~fantasai

Please keep existing behavior. Just because these attributes with empty string may not have 'overtly obvious' use cases, why change the behavior when all UA are consistent in how the handle empty strings. [alt*=""] should be a match likewise since the majority of UA are consistent. Since I plan on heavily using attribute selectors to style my pages I do see empty substrings as valid and possibly very powerful. They are "not" meaningless and silly selectors.

I will provide this link again.

I have finished my template which is now live.

I have eleven IDs or classes in the source. I know I could cut that back to five (which I will work towards). The rest of the style will come from the use of sibling and attribute selectors. I would like time to experiment and see if the attributes with empty substring do have use cases before they all disappear :-)


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