[css3-values] 3.4.5 Angles

| Angle values (denoted by <angle> in the text) are used with aural  
cascading style sheets.

It should be noted that they might be used by other parts of CSS,  
too. Skewing and rotating are frequently requested, e.g. for table  
headers, even if current plans might restrict usage to intervals of  
90. Of course <angle> actually should have been used for the hue  
value in 'hsl()' and 'hsla()'. <http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/ 

| deg: degrees
| grad: grads
| rad: radians
| turn: turns

These should be briefly explained by giving their number per full  
angle, i.e. 360, 400, 2, 1. The description of 'grad' should  
include a mention of the alternative name "gon".

I would also like to propose another unit called 'pi' as a usable  
alternative to 'rad', although "1pi" would equal "0.5turn" which  
isn't that cumbersome already. I believe I have mentioned this idea  
earlier, but using 'pirad'.

| Angle values should be normalized to the range 0-360deg by the user  

This might not be useful for animation, i.e. rotations -- even if  
such are not yet specified in CSS.

Received on Wednesday, 12 March 2008 00:31:58 UTC