Re: [css3-namespace] 3. Declaring namespaces: the @namespace rule

Erik Dahlström wrote:
> Dear CSS WG,
> This is a last call comment from the SVG WG on the CSS Namespaces 
> Module, W3C Working Draft 15 February 2008, 
> Please let us 
> know if you have any questions by CC:ing your responses to
>> Thus the actual prefixes used in a CSS style sheet, and whether they
>> are defaulted or not, are independent of the namespace prefixes used
>> in the markup and whether these are defaulted or not.
> Excellent; this is a critical feature. Please add an example that
> clearly demonstrates this.


  For example, given the following XML document:
     <qml:elem xmlns:qml=""></qml:elem>
   and the following @namespace declarations at the beginning of a CSS file:
     @namespace Q "";
     @namespace lq "";
   The selectors Q|elem and lq|elem in that CSS file would both match the
   element qml:elem. (The selector qml|elem would be invalid.)


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