Re: [css3-namespace] 4. CSS Qualified Names

Erik Dahlström wrote:
> Dear CSS WG,
> This is a last call comment from the SVG WG on the CSS Namespaces 
> Module, W3C Working Draft 15 February 2008, 
> Please let us 
> know if you have any questions by CC:ing your responses to
>> Some contexts may allow the use of an asterisk (*, U+002A) as a
>> wildcard prefix to indicate a name in any namespace, including no
>> namespace.
> What exactly does "contexts" mean here? Perhaps an example of a context
> that allows asterisks, and one that doesn't would make it easier to
> understand. If this is defined by the host language, please say so 
> explicitly.

David Baron gave a good example here:

Clarified the spec by adding "(as defined by the host language)" after
"Some contexts".

>> Those modules must define handling of namespace prefixes that have not 
>> been properly declared.
> Please add informative references to modules that define this.

     For example, the Selectors module [[SELECT]] defines a type selector with
     an undeclared namespace prefix to be an invalid selector, and CSS
     [[CSS21]] requires rule sets with an invalid selector to be completely

>> Such handling should treat undeclared namespace prefixes as a parsing
>> error that will cause the selector or declaration (etc.) to be considered
>> invalid and, in CSS, ignored.
> Please explain the rationale for why this is not a MUST requirement, for
> example by citing a use-case for allowing the stylerule to not be ignored
> in this context.

This is a SHOULD requirement because it is vague and cannot be more precise:
it is not possible in this module to define exactly what portion of the host
language is invalid and how it is ignored.


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