[CSS21] Issue 35 (Section 10.3.8) absolute positioning and auto-sizing replaced elements

fantasai wrote:
> CSS2.1
> ------
>   - RESOLVED: absolutely-positioned replaced elements with auto width/height,
>       both offsets specified, and no intrinsic size take their size from the
>       equation
>   - No resolution on what happens to replaced elements that have an intrinsic
>     size; behavior here is more consistent, so need to check with other
>     implementors (e.g. Mozilla).

David Baron's feedback (via IRC):

  <dbaron> I'm not sure whether you should ignore intrinsic ratios.
  <dbaron> but I think it's bad to have one expand and the other use the
           intrinsic size
  <dbaron> However, I think it's probably better not to change at all.
  <dbaron> Absolute positioning is largely a bad idea anyway.
  <dbaron> If authors using it for this one case have to use height:100%
           width:100%, they can.
  <dbaron> And that's probably better for them than giving them another 5
           years of non-interoperability due to us changing the spec.
  <dbaron> So I think you should revert the no-intrinsic-ratio change.
  <dbaron> it's not like there's something here that authors really can't
           do without this change


Received on Tuesday, 4 March 2008 23:48:05 UTC