Re: WebKit now supports CSS Variables

> In practice, a constant would be similar to a keyword, but one that  you 
> create yourself. Which is why it would make sense to set it  somewhere 
> near the top, and not have it change. If people do not have  a problem 
> with "orange" being constant, then what is the problem with 
> "myCompanyColor" being constant, once it is defined? The point is not  to 
> prevent people from finding some JavaScript loophole method around  its 
> constancy, it is to allow you to have the keyword-like values that  you 
> create yourself.
> Constants are not impossible in the cascade model of CSS, any more  than 
> keywords are.

Not really. Not at all, in fact.

It's fondamentaly different because the browser know the value of all 
before loading the site, because it's the browser itself that define some 

And not the site.

A constant must be defined BEFORE the program run.
It's so that constants are defined in all programming languages.
This is in fact the compiler that remove all reference to the const and
that replace it by the constant's value.

In CSS, we have no compiler. So, the "validity" of the constants cannot
be checked before the program became compiled, because the constant
can be created at any moment.

In any language, if you try to write something like "const x = 1" in file1 
"const x = 2" in file2 (assuming that both file a defining the variable on 
same scope), you will get a compilation error and nothing of your code will
be compiled.

In CSS, this is not possible, because you can't check all stylesheets before
loading thems, because the JS can add some new stylesheet later... or 
a stylesheet can change when the media change !

Well, I see no solution...


Received on Monday, 30 June 2008 17:54:42 UTC