Re: WebKit now supports CSS Variables

Maciej Stachowiak wrote:
> I think we might be mixing up two different senses of "progressive 
> rendering":
> 1) Rendering a document where the content has only partially loaded 
> (some of the document markup or external content references like 
> images), but all stylesheets have loaded so style is correct for the 
> part that is rendered.
> 2) Rendering a document when there are still pending external stylesheet 
> loads, so that content may render with incorrect style.

I don't think I was mixing things up.... The second type can be a 
special case of the first type, if the document contains stylesheet 
references outside the <head> (which plenty of documents do).

> Users clearly want Type 1 Progressive Rendering and most browsers do it. 

Agreed.  And once you do, you end up with the second kind on any page 
that doesn't keep all its stylesheets in the <head>.

> But Type 2 is generally considered an undesirable artifact


> The sense of "progressive rendering" in the CSS Variables discussion is 
> all about Type 2


> Though, as I explained, this isn't really significantly different from 
> cascading with rules in other stylesheets that are not yet loaded, as 
> far as Type 2 progressive rendering is concerned.

I haven't tried implementing this, but I suspect you're right on this.


Received on Thursday, 26 June 2008 23:06:41 UTC