Re: [CSS21] Addition of 2 values to the visibility property

Boris Zbarsky escribió:
> Damian Vila wrote:
>> foreground
>> The foreground content of the generated box (including borders) are 
>> visible, but the background content is invisible. The visibility of 
>> descendents, being placed on the foreground of the box, is 'visible', 
>> unless a different visibility is specified.
> That last part would work great if "visibility" were not inherited by 
> default.  But it is.  Unless the proposal is that if a parent has 
> "visibility: foreground" and a child has "visibility: inherit" 
> specified then the child should get "visibility: visible"?
> -Boris
Well, right now, the visibility property is applied to the box as a 
whole (foreground and backgound.)
Conceptually, I'm creating two layers and adding a mechanism to manage 
them individually. A box inside the foreground of a parent box is 
treated as a whole, and the property that for its parent was 
'foreground' turns 'visible' for the child, yes.
But I'm not sure if this is allowed. Maybe all the foregrounds should be 
treated as one element (parents and children) and all the backgrounds as 
another element, and when you specify 'foreground' to the parent all the 
backgrounds (from the parent and the children) are made invisible.
Well, this is why I submitted this to the list, really :-)


Received on Thursday, 26 June 2008 22:31:08 UTC