Re: [CSS 21] Diagram in 17.5.3 Table height algorithms

On Tue, Jun 24, 2008 at 5:20 PM, Ingo Chao <> wrote:

> In
> 17.5.3 Table height algorithms
> Diagram showing the effect of various values of 'vertical-align' on
> table cells.
> This diagram is too small and lacks contrast (light gray on white,
> with some dashed 1px light gray borders). On an iMac/MacBook, the
> padding is barely visible, if at all. The important legend that reads
> "added padding (to make cell as high as the row)" is way too small.
> I think it would help understanding this section (vertical-align, cell
> height, row height) if this diagram could be redrawn.
> --
> Ingo Chao
> I agree, but interestingly enough it looks completely fine once I download
it and open it in my standard image viewer (Irfanview).  The colors are much
darker after it has been downloaded, and everything is easy to read.  I
guess that browsers aren't quite as good at drawing PNGs as the dedicated
programs are?  Strange.

I second redrawing.  I've attached the result of a quick 150% scaling.  I
had to redo the text, as it became rather fuzzy.  If this is too ugly, feel
free to redraw it yourself.  ^_^


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