RE: CSS Variables or Inhertage ?

Francois Remy wrote:
> I think this is not a good idea
> What you're wanting here is more an "CSS Inheritage".
> It's a very good feature to ask, but this is not in links 
> with variables :-)
> What about a synthax like :
> ...

Oh, I quite like the inheritance model. Some inheritance 
suggestions were discussed on this list in February, see
(it's a long thread with several different suggestions)

Then, in April/May Daniel's and David's CSS Variables suggestion 
appeared as a high priority module, without support for inheritance
or any other means of "expanding multiple property assignments
with a single reuse statement".

As Daniel participated in the February discussion, but left 
inheritance out of his spec, my previous mail tried to formulate
something as compatible as possible with his preferred approach
that would still achieve the multiple properties goal. I'd rather 
have a non-perfect design in reality than a perfect design in 
theory ;-). But I'd be very happy if you manage to persuade w3c
to standardize your model.

Best regards
Mike Wilson

Received on Tuesday, 24 June 2008 12:14:07 UTC