The <br> tag and the line-height CSS attribute.


I'm recontacting you because I've detected, a long time ago, a thing that seems to be not clear in the CSS Specs.

When you have a <BR> that's alone on a line and when you apply a line-height attribute to it, should the line that he occupes change of height ?
>> IE a,d Opera say "yes" (I think this is what developers want)
>> Firefox and Safari say "no" (I think this is wat the spec want)

Test Code : 
A<br style="line-height: 1px;" /><!-- Normal line size -->
<br  style="line-height: 1px;" /><!-- Line of 1px ? -->
<br style="line-height: 1px;" />B<!-- Normal line size -->

What's the good answer ? Should that not appear in the spec ?


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Received on Monday, 23 June 2008 10:34:06 UTC