Re: Substring matching attribute selectors (was [CSS2.1] 10.3.5 Floating, non-replaced elements)

Boris Zbarsky wrote:

> That sounds like <> to 
> me (note: fixed in Gecko trunk builds, so you could check one 
> of those to make sure).
> -Boris

Just going the rounds with Gecko nightly 20 Jun 2008, I wondering what 
is happening with those attribute selectors with empty strings.

Now class^="" and class$="" are showing non matches. No other 
implementation does this. The CSS WG last made a resolution [1] about 
empty substring selectors in April. This is what the latest nightly 
seems to be following.

BTW, Well done anyway, full support for structural pseudo-classes.



Received on Saturday, 21 June 2008 00:13:03 UTC