Re: [CSS 2.1] static position of an absolutely positioned element with auto-offsets

Boris Zbarsky wrote:
> fantasai wrote:
>> Alex, do we need to make a clarification here to avoid the IE<8 
>> interpretation? I would have expected that the "if its 'position'
>> property had been 'static'" bit would require guessing the position
>> using the specified (not used) display property.
> Note that the latter is what Gecko implements, and is not necessarily 
> equivalent to the former.
> Consider these styles:
>   display: inline;
>   float: left;
>   position: absolute;
> If the position were static, computed (and used) display would be 
> "block", while  specified display is "inline".
> See for some 
> discussion on this.
> Explicitly saying that the specified value should be used here makes 
> things clearer, though it's not quite right if the specified value is 
> "inherit" or "initial".

My take from that bug is that both 'position' and 'float' are ignored
(set to 'static' and 'none' respectively) when finding the static position.
Is that correct?


Received on Tuesday, 10 June 2008 22:10:43 UTC