Re: Publishing the flexible box model

Andrew Fedoniouk wrote:
> L. David Baron wrote:

>> It also only defines behavior for widths, and not for margins or
>> heights.
> Historically html has a model of endless tape.
> Limited in horizontal direction but unlimited in vertical direction.
> No limits - no context for flex units computation. It was simply
> impossible to define flexes for table heights.
> CSS has concept of view height so vertical flexes can be added
> here.

I don't follow your reasoning here. You put to me that one practical 
layout that people have been asking for years is.

What I don't understand is what happens when the text size is bumped up? 
What stops the layout / content from overlapping, thus breaking the 
layout? How does an implementation calculate how much to flex vertically 
and what percentage of this is out of the viewpoint? How does flex work 
with monitors of different screen resolution?

I don't think you can even declare a limit on the vertical direction of 
a layout. I don see how flex units can be used for the layout of a whole 
page. For smaller localize constructions (much like how tables currently 
work) I can see there uses.


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