Re: [css3-mediaqueries] Width/Height Clarifications

L. David Baron wrote:
> Ah, you're saying that nothing says that the rules in the imported
> sheet are excluded if the media given don't match the device.  (This
> is in fact the case, although I agree the spec is very unclear.)
> You don't want to define it in terms of syntactic equivalence; that
> would trigger other rules in the spec that you don't want to trigger
> (e.g., not allowing @import after @media).
> However, I agree that it should be clearer that @media,
> @import-with-media, <link>-with-media, <style>-with-media, etc. are
> all adding restrictions, and for a rule to be applied, the device
> has to match the medium restrictions of each link on a chain to that
> rule.  (Note that the rule might be reachable in multiple ways,
> e.g., a style sheet could be imported twice with different media
> lists; it only needs to be reachable through one chain.)
> I thought we had a CSS 2.1 issue on that before, though.  But I
> suspect the only thing we clarified for that was the last paragraph
> in 7.2.1.

Yeah, we added

   # Style rules outside of @media rules apply to all media types that
   # the style sheet applies to.

You'd also need

   | Style rules inside an @media rule apply to all media types that
   | the style sheet applies to /and/ that the @media rule applies to.

Would that be enough?


Received on Monday, 9 June 2008 23:01:24 UTC