[CSSWG] Resolutions 2008-06-04


   - No multiple borders feature in Backgrounds and Borders Level 3
   - No percentage border-width feature in Backgrounds and Borders Level 3
   - Bert and fantasai to continue work on defining inner shadows for
     Backgrounds and Borders Level 3
   - Next Backgrounds and Borders Level 3 draft will include syntax for
     positioning background images from corners other than the top left,
     and ask for feedback on whether that syntax should be kept, changed,
     or dropped.

   - Approved publication of CSS Template Layout Level 3 (formerly Advanced
     Layout) as Working Draft.

   - David Baron's changes to css3-color approved.
   - Approved publication of CSS Color Level 3 as Last Call Working Draft.

Other notes:

   - Discussed charter. Module list to be drafted by Peter Linss. Chairs
     feel Selectors Level 4 would distract from other work and should not
     make the cut.

   - Discussed test suite review process. WG wants to make a list of active,
     approved reviewers. Also to encourage everyone to help review testcases.
     fantasai will work on putting together a system for commenting on
     testcases to make it easier for people to get involved.

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Received on Monday, 9 June 2008 20:59:18 UTC