Re: Publishing the flexible box model

Robert O'Callahan wrote:
> How do flex-units on inline elements interact with text-align:justify? E.g.
> <div style="text-align:justify;">abcd efgh <span 
> style="padding:1*">Hello</span> ijkl mnop</div>
> where there's a soft line break after 'ijkl'. Do the spaces get the 
> extra space, or does the flex get it?

Flex should get it.

> How do vertical flex-units on inline elements interact with baseline 
> alignment? E.g. if I have <img style="height:1*">, that's supposed to 
> make the image height equal to the line-box height, but the image is 
> supposed to be baseline-aligned so the line-box height has to be greater 
> than the image height...

No idea.

> How do flex-units interact with collapsing margins? E.g.
> <div style="overflow:auto; height:500px;">
>   <div style="height:1*; margin:1*;">Hello</div>
>   <div style="height:2*; margin:2*;">Kitty</div>
> </div>
> How does that work? Allocating flex height first and then collapsing 
> margins means the child divs don't fill the container. But trying to 
> collapse margins before resolving the flex heights seems crazy.

I would collapse the adjacent flex margins so that 1* collapsing with
2* becomes a 2* gap. Then distribute the remaining space accordingly.

> These are just a few of the questions that would have to be resolved. A 
> great deal of the CSS spec would have to be carefully analyzed for 
> interactions with flex-units, and many parts of the spec will become 
> even more complicated.

I do agree with Andrew that it should be possible to flex margins.


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