Re: [css3-mediaqueries] Width/Height Clarifications

On Thu, 24 Apr 2008 22:59:14 +0200, fantasai  
<> wrote:
> In the definitions of 'width' and 'height', the spec says:
>    # For continuous media, this is the width of the viewport
>    # (as described by CSS2, section 9.1.1 [CSS21]). For paged
>    # media, this is the width of the page box (as described
>    # by CSS2, section 13.2 [CSS21]).
> Opera's 'projection' mode is in some sense both paged and
> continuous. In this case you would want to use the viewport
> size, not the page box size (which depends on the content).
> In print media also the page box size can change: all even
> pages can be one size, all odd pages another, for instance.
> So Media Queries should not be referring to the page box.
> I'd suggest the terms "paper size" or "page size". (The
> interaction of media queries and the 'size' property is a
> horrible mess, but I'm hoping we can deal with that in the
> Paged Media spec.)
> The definitions say that 'height' "describes the height of
> the rendering surface of the output device". This would be
> a more appropriate description for 'device-height', which
> is currently described as  "the height of the output device".
> The viewport of a browser window can be smaller or larger
> than the height of the screen (which is "the rendering
> surface of the output device"). And the 'device-height'
> query isn't intended to refer to the height of the physical
> monitor box, but rather to the height of the screen.

FWIW, as far as I can tell these are the only issues that are holding us  
back from moving

to Last Call again (for the last time hopefully!). I can look into making  
some changes, but I'd appreciate input if you have any concrete ideas.


Anne van Kesteren

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