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css background rotation: where to look

From: Niels Matthijs <niels.matthijs@internetarchitects.be>
Date: Wed, 24 Dec 2008 12:29:42 -0000
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Short question here.

I know there must've been serious discussions about this before, I think I even remember some talk about it when css3 was still hip and creating rounded corners using multiple backgrounds, rotation and one source image were up on the table.

Is there a place I can find these discussions, as there seems to be no plan to include css background rotation in css3 which surprises me a great deal. I thought I finally found a good solution for using css sprites, seems there's no css background rotation propery to abuse.

Any help on the pros and cons and why it has been left out of css3? 

Very much appreciated.

Niels Matthijs

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Sylvain Galineau wrote:

> I like the concept but explicit markup mechanisms are much better here imo.

Hmmm, let me try out an example. Imagine having to create a top banner for all government sites of the country you live in. Each site has its own design, is developed by a different party and has (almost) total autonomy. The only common element is the top banner with a link to the government portal and a language navigation.

So you have to write xhtml and css for the banner, and you have to make sure it shows up correctly in all sites. Problem is that you don't know the css of these sites. Still, it should be possible to implement the top banner everywhere without creating visual inconsistencies

What you deliver is just a piece of xhtml and css, so can anyone explain to me why this piece of code should be separately marked in the actual mark-up? I fail to see the benefit.

Niels Matthijs
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