Re: Comment on CSS3 angles

At 11:27  -0400 29/08/08, Simetrical wrote:
>If in some cases there's no difference between 0° and 360°, why not
>just allow both and treat them the same when (and only when) there's
>no difference?  You don't lose anything.  0deg is the same as 0rad is
>the same as 0turn is the same as 0grad is the same as -0deg is the
>same as 0.0deg . . . is the same as 360deg, sometimes.  What's the
>problem with this?

Quite.  The sentence that Dave originally asked 
be removed is, in some sense, irrelevant, as the 
current uses of angles are turn and direction 
insensitive anyway.  It is therefore harmless to 
remove it for those cases.

("Angle values should be normalized to the range 
0-360deg by the user agent. For example, -10deg 
and 350deg are equivalent.")
David Singer

Received on Friday, 29 August 2008 17:49:28 UTC