Re: Color Lightening and Darkening

Dave Artz:
> how about a way for designers to easily modify the color or  
> background-color property lighter or darker?

Modify the third parameter of a color value given in HSL[A] notation.  
Relative values based on RGB[A] could only yield redder, bluer or  
greener colors in a reliable way.

I remember relative color names being discussed long ago, e.g. in  
Those parameters could be retrofit to apply to the inherited color (| 
lighter| / |darker|, |duller| / |brighter|), but most of the time you  
probably want to alter a different color than the one used for the  
same property on the parent (i.e. |currentcolor|). You then arrive at  
needing (color) constants / variables / macros.

Received on Thursday, 28 August 2008 23:17:03 UTC