RE: [css3-fonts] Nested 'bolder' and 'lighter' question

> It has nothing to do with special casing certain numbers of weights.
> A particular testcase that shows the problem may be specific to a
> certain number of weights, but the problem is general.

David, thank you for the clarification.

Would the general issue be : what is the effect of lighter when bolder has been applied n+ times, n being the number of weights supported by the current font ?

If so, I still suggest we keep fallback in mind since UAs may fall back to fonts with a lower number of weights than that expected by the author. Text that would be bolded if the author's specified font were available should not turn normal if the fallback font has fewer weights, imo, except in the extreme case where the fallback font had one single weight.

Received on Thursday, 28 August 2008 20:05:00 UTC