RE: [css3-fonts] Nested 'bolder' and 'lighter' question

Going to back to the original question (again) : "The spec isn't clear on what exactly happens here"

So is the issue that the spec handles fonts with 3+ weights but not 2 ?
Or does it have an answer for this case but we do not like the answer ?

Fwiw, I think the bolder==+1, lighter==-1 interpretations generally align with what is already in CSS 2.1 15.6. If the font's two weights are mapped to two subsets of the 100-900 weight range per the spec, the end result will be equivalent.

Specifying a different outcome means special-casing fonts with two weights, so that if the UA were to fall back to such a font, 'boldness' may be distributed differently. (Or vice-versa, if the UA fell back from a 2-weight font to a 3-weight one).

Received on Thursday, 28 August 2008 19:33:13 UTC