[css3-values-units] Negative times

CSS 3 Values and Units defines Time Values to be non-negative numbers:


Is there any reason for this, other than aural style sheets not  
needing negative times?

If possible, I'd like this restriction removed. I think the concept of  
negative time values is pretty straightforward, and would allow <time>  
to be used as an offset rather than an absolute value. As far as I can  
tell, the only change required would be moving it to the preceding  
section of the spec. The same probably applies to frequency.

Also, and this is a minor point, the specifications for <time>,  
<angle> and <frequency> suggest that the only acceptable use is in  
aural style sheets. It would be nice to reword that, making it clear  
that it is an example use.



Received on Thursday, 28 August 2008 08:51:48 UTC