RE: [css3-mediaqueries] Is (width) ever false?

> > Should valueless media feature expressions with min- and max- even
> > be allowed?  I'm not sure they make sense.  If they are allowed, the
> > CR's wording where they are treated the same as without min-/max-
> > seems easier to implement for something that I don't see a good use
> > for.
> I don't really feel strongly either way.

I am finding this confusing as well. If min- and max- are intended to express comparisons then a value - an operand, really - should be required. I grok (color) or (width) fine; (min-width) or (max-color) is all around harder to parse. How would they be used ?

Received on Wednesday, 27 August 2008 20:10:30 UTC