Re: New CSS variables syntax in latest WebKit

On Aug 22, 2008, at 11:07 AM, Daniel Glazman < 
 > wrote:

> David Hyatt wrote:
>> (1) -webkit-var(foo)
>> (2) =foo=
>> (3) $foo
>> One concern about using a symbol to represent a variable is that  
>> there is no way to vendor-prefix it.  Then again, just using a  
>> symbol like = or $ looks nicer than the ugly "-webkit-var" notation.
> It also looks terribly more dangerous because some server modules
> already use such syntax for macro expansion on the server's side...
> Honestly, I think 2 and 3 are not a good idea.
> </Daniel>

They use the equal sign notation? I thought that was fairly unique  
(which was also one of the criticisms about it).

Even with the dollar sign, is macro expansion really that fragile?  
What if you want to represent a dollar amount in your HTML? Wouldn't  
you just escape the $ in both cases? Unexpanded macros would never  
make it into the final rendered css, right?

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