Re: [gcpm] custom pages and page lists

Håkon Wium Lie:
> Further, option C makes some assumptions:
>  - the 'page' property no longer inherits
>  - every element with a non-auto value on 'page' start on a new page,
>  - if 'page' has more than one value, it will not generate any page
>    breaks between/after the pages in the list.
> UC2:
>   @page chapter { @top-center { content: string(title) } }
>   @page chapter-start { @top-center { content: none } }
>   h1 { page: chapter-start chapter; string-set: title content() }
> If the inheritance of 'page' is changed, another option opens up.
> UC1:
>   @page chapter { @top-center { content: string(title) } }
>   @page chapter:first { @top-center { content: none } }
>   div.chapter { page: chapter }
>   h1 { string-set: title content() }
> That is, the ':first' pseudo-class can be applied to any named page --
> not just the first page of the document.
> UC2:
> No, this doesn't work as 'h1' would be on a page by itself:
>   h1 { page: chapter; string-set: title content() }

This I don't understand. The first and third assumption from option C  
don't seem to be of any relevance to option D, use-case 2; the second  
assumption makes 'h1' start a new page, but it doesn't say it also  
ends it, so 'h1+*' should be on the same page as 'h1', if it fits and  
doesn't specify an implicit or explicit page break before. With named  
page lists from CSS3 GCPM you might have to throw in an 'auto' after  
"page: chapter". The 'auto' value is underspecified in CSS3 Page,  
i.e. not specified explicitly at all and therefore is  
"respecifiable"; the WD only says this:

| If a block box with inline content has a 'page' property that is
| different from the preceding block box with inline content, then
| one or two page breaks are inserted between them, and the boxes
| after the break are rendered on a page box of the named type.

| A page break must also occur (...) if the last line box above this
| margin and the first one below it do not have the same value for  

The computed value of 'auto' doesn't have to be 'auto'.

Anyhow, assumption 2 isn't good at all, unless it can be switched  
(with a new property, which may be shorthanded by |page|). The Paged  
Media WD even has an example of two tables being put on the same  
"landscape" page, if they fit, which is desirable behaviour.

Received on Tuesday, 19 August 2008 11:43:26 UTC