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fantasai wrote:
> Brad Kemper wrote:
>> On Aug 10, 2008, at 9:17 PM, fantasai wrote:
>>> <> wrote:
>>>> Could someone explain why it's impossible to apply border-radius to 
>>>> a table element with border-collapse set to collapse?
>>>> Why can't the border conflict resolution rules be updated with 
>>>> something like: "If border styles only differ in border-radius, then 
>>>> a style set on a cell wins over one on a row, which wins over a row 
>>>> group, column, column group and, lastly, table."
>>> Added as ISSUE-55
>>> I think border-radius should get ignored when applied to internal
>>> table elements in border-collapse mode, but it makes sense for it
>>> to apply to the table element itself.
>> Why not have TDs with border radii in which the straight, horizontal 
>> and vertical parts of the borders can collapse into shared borders?
> That gets complicated really fast. Border collapsed corners are
> tricky enough to make pretty without having to worry about curved
> corners. I can leave this explicitly undefined in the spec, but I
> don't think it makes sense to define and require implementation
> for this right now.

Proposed text:

<p>The UA may apply the border-radius properties to <code>table</code>
and <code>inline-table</code> elements when <code>border-collapse</code>
is <code>collapse</code> but is not required to. In this case not only
must the border radii of adjacent corners not intersect, but the radii
of a single corner may not extend past the boundaries of the cell at that
corner. If the computed values of the border radii would cause such an
effect, then all the border radii of the table must be reduced by the
same factor so that the radii neither intersect nor extend past the
boundaries of their respective corner cells.

<p>The UA may ignore border-radius properties applied to internal table
elements when <code>border-collapse</code> is <code>collapse</code>.
The effect of border-radius on internal table elements is undefined in
CSS3 Backgrounds and Borders, but may be defined in a future specification.


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