Re: @media and browsers conditional statments

On Aug 11, 2008, at 7:14 AM, Simetrical wrote:

> Of course, (2) could be solved by introducing @media
> supports-property(...) or whatever.  This would of course lead to
> things that look like
> @media supports-property(-moz-border-radius) and not
> supports-property(border-radius) { /* Fx2 */
> (similar things could be done without resorting to vendor-specific
> properties).  So if you do this you may as well allow explicit UA
> sniffing as well, since people are going to come up with really
> reliable lists of rule sets very quickly and you're just making their
> code uglier.

Another problem with "supports" is that I've seen other situations  
where scrollbars are drawn in different places (it involved overflows  
inside other overflows, with non-wrapping white-space and absolute  
positioning thrown in). Something like that could not be written with  
a "supports" statement, because it involved the way several things  
were interacting, and a rendering result that was not a yes or no  
answer. That kind of thing will continue to crop up as both CSS  
features and author designs get more and more sophisticated.

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