Re: border-radius

On Aug 10, 2008, at 9:17 PM, fantasai wrote:

> wrote:
>> Could someone explain why it's impossible to apply border-radius to  
>> a table element with border-collapse set to collapse?
>> Why can't the border conflict resolution rules be updated with  
>> something like: "If border styles only differ in border-radius,  
>> then a style set on a cell wins over one on a row, which wins over  
>> a row group, column, column group and, lastly, table."
> Added as ISSUE-55
> I think border-radius should get ignored when applied to internal
> table elements in border-collapse mode, but it makes sense for it
> to apply to the table element itself.

Why not have TDs with border radii in which the straight, horizontal  
and vertical parts of the borders can collapse into shared borders?

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