Re: [css3-gcpm] Spacing and alignment of leaders

Also sprach Ian Tindale:

 > There's a possibility of doing something with leaders now that we couldn't
 > in the hot-metal days, and that is to programmatically 'create' a run,
 > without thinking in terms of direct application of glyphs. In other words,
 > being able to call on a specific SVG definition of what we want. An
 > additional calling mechanism to SVG for such occasions (perhaps svg()
 > maybe?) with a fallback to the glyph-based rule syntax described so far,
 > could allow an SVG engine to take the load and the responsibility, if
 > available.

Yes, this seems possible. It's probably out of scope for this version
of GCPM, though -- we're trying to replicate common functionality
rather than extending it.

If we were to add it at some point, I would suggest using URLs to
refer to external resource. This could be an image or a scalable
graphics. The Borders and Backgrounds module does this:

For example, we could allow this:

  a { content: leader(url(foo.svg))  target-counter(attr(href), page)


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