[CSSWG] Resolutions 2008-04-23


   - The CSSWG would prefer for IRC logs to be hosted by W3C, but until W3C
     is capable of continuously logging the channel it is acceptable for
     them to be hosted by a third party.

   - CSS Namespaces to be published as Candidate Recommendation.

   - caretRangeFromPoint to be added to CSSOM View and marked at-risk; the
     CSSOM spec will then be republished as LC rather than CR due to this

   - (CSS2.1) ISSUE-35 (page-break-inside inheritance) proposal accepted

   - AOL will sponsor (host) CSS logo competition

   - next F2F meeting in Cambridge, UK August 20-22

Other notes:

   - At least one member of the WG strongly desires a syntax for turning
     off logging for a particular IRC statement.

   - Request for implementors interest in various CSS modules sent out
     yesterday (Tuesday). This does not leave much time for compiling
     the report and getting feedback from www-style.

   - Charter draft was updated, needs to be reviewed.

   - John Daggett and Jason Teague plan to send CSS3 Fonts from LC to
     WD: it's not clear what it's status is, there are no updates since
     2002, and there are various requests for changes/features.


Received on Thursday, 24 April 2008 09:02:51 UTC