Re: [cssom-view] small update

On Mon, 21 Apr 2008 14:19:48 +0200, Mike Wilson <>  
>> The main goal is achieving Web compatibility. When it became
>> clear that having no differences between quirks mode and
>> standards mode became feasible that became a secondary goal.
> Could you describe your definition of Web compatibility a bit
> further?

>>> Ideally, the spec (or a separate report) should describe the
>>> findings of the IE reverse-engineering and the deviations from
>>> this model chosen by the spec. Or maybe just add a clarification
>>> that the offset* properties in the spec are not intended to
>>> mirror the IE model. (But then everyone interested in the IE
>>> behaviour will have to reverse-engineer themselves.)
>> Do you think this section
>> is clear enough on that or do you want me to add a sentence saying
>> explicitly that it doesn't match current implementations?
> If chosing this path I would like to see comments in each
> relevant section, mentioning heritage and compatibility, f ex:


Anne van Kesteren

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