Re: My solution of webfonts problem

On 19/04/2008, Felix Miata <> wrote:
>  On 2008/04/19 11:52 (GMT+0100) Dave Crossland apparently typed:
>  > If I install Ascender's "Liberation Sans," but a website modifies it
>  > and references it with @font-face also as "Liberation Sans," I will
>  > want to see the modified version in the page.
> Why? I wouldn't.

I would because I want to see the page as the designer intended.

The same situation arises if a website accidentally choses a name used
by a totally different font that happens to already be installed.

> He should rename it if he's going to "modify" it.

That would be polite, yes (and the "Open Font License" requires
renaming derived versions before distributing them :-) but if he may
be rude, and as a UA user I basically don't care about that until I
want to install the font.

> It he wants a permanent modification to it, he should submit his
> proposed change to Ascender, or to RedHat's Bugzilla.

What if he doesn't want to make a permanent modification for everyone,
but something relatively unique to his site? Or they rejected his
change because they thought it was ugly?


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