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On Apr 15, 2008, at 11:26 AM, Dave Crossland wrote:

> On 15/04/2008, Patrick Garies <> wrote:
>> Brad Kemper wrote:
>>> I would prefer if it could be downloaded once and then used from any
>>> page with an @font-face specifying the same font name, provided  
>>> there
>>> could be some sort of quick check that it was the exact same font
>>> (digital signatures or something, perhaps).
>> I don't think that such a mechanism should be specified via CSS  
>> work. I
>> really don't know how you'd specify such a thing anyway.
> Right; if the "url(" is the same and already cached, it
> should be loaded from cache. If the URL is different but happens to
> have the same name or filename, it should be downloaded.
> Just like all other file formats.
> Why do people think font files are so special? :-)

In terms of DRM, I was one of the first to say that they should not be  
treated differently.

But in terms of scope, the specs for "font-family" and "@font-face"  
imply that "font-family" can use any font that is available, and that  
"@font" can make it available to the whole application. It does not  
say that the fonts available to "font-family" are limited to only  
those that were either already permanently  installed on the computer  
or those that were provided by an @font-face on the same page. It does  
not say that "@font-face" only makes the font available to the current  
page or site. In fact, specifically mentions that the font should not  
be shared between applications, but it is silent about sharing between  
pages or sites. That implies to me that it is OK to keep the font  
resident within the application (the UA/browser software), and being  
resident, it is available to other pages (without an @font-face, but  
with the same "font-family", for instance).

Also, the size of a typical font file would make me hesitant to  
include several across different subdomains of my site, even though I  
may really want to for the design. So I am very interested in ways  
that the probable negative bandwidth ramifications can be dealt with  
(or are being dealt with) by the implementors, and if there is  
anything we can do with the spec to help with that issue.

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