Re: [cssom-view] small update

Mike Wilson wrote:
> I expected the CSSOM activity to base
> the offset* properties handling on IE due to its IE origin and
> the (supposedly) resulting large base of deployed content
> compatible with the IE scheme.

Of course a lot of content has the "IE" and "everything but IE" 
branches, since these methods report the size of CSS boxes and those are 
different sizes in IE6 and various other browsers...

It's a hard call whether, for a browser that closely follows CSS2.1 and 
doesn't identify as IE, matching IE6 exactly will in fact be 

> The resulting CSSOM spec is the sum of all the above steps and
> no information is given about the intermediate steps.

Yeah, if there were a way to get that information, that would be very 

> So, referring back to your expectation that the spec is really
> about reverse-engineering IE

Well.  It's about reverse-engineering what web sites expect.  Which may 
be IE or not, depending on the situation....

> My understanding so far is it's rather "CSSOM is useful for
> non-IE browser vendors to gain standards compliance without much
> work", and not "CSSOM standardizes the existing offset* model to
> line up all browsers with majority of deployed content and make
> life easier for web authors".

If that's the case, that's unfortunate.  The latter should be the goal, imo.

> Also, I have actually searched and neither found an existing
> issue list for CSSOM or a special mailbox for posting issues.
> Could someone please enlighten us?

There is no special mailbox.  Just mail to this list with "[cssom-view]" 
in the subject line.

I assume Anne can give a pointer to the issue list.


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