Re: Clipping a border-image

David Hyatt wrote:
> I raised an issue a while back about not being able to clip out the 
> center of a border-image.  It's wasteful that this part always draws.  
> I was thinking that another cool feature for border-image would be if 
> you could clip the border-image to the actual strokes being drawn.
> A single clip keyword could cover both cases, either via a new 
> property, border-image-clip, or just as an optional part of the 
> border-image declaration.  Clipping to the shape of the original 
> border stroke would take care of my desire to clip out the middle and 
> also open up a nice range of options for border-image.
> dave
> (
As far as I understand the idea of the border image it is possible to 
make an image (say PNG) with fully transparent middle section.
Why do you need that clipping then?

Andrew Fedoniouk.

Received on Tuesday, 15 April 2008 22:11:06 UTC