Re: [CSS-3] outline-style: glow

On Tuesday 15 April 2008 01:03, Andrew Fedoniouk wrote:
> I propose to add new value of 'glow' to the list of outline-style
> values.
> Glow is an outline where color intensity (opacity of outline-color)
> is a function of distance.
> Usually glow is made by applying Gaussian 2d filter to pixels of some
> image.
> Here is a sample of rendering elements with outline-style:glow;

The Backgrounds and Borders draft[1] has a 'box-shadow' property, which 
can create similar effects. It's subject to 'z-index' and drawn in a 
layer of the element behind the background. That means that there is 
some control over its stacking; unlike 'outline', which is always in 

The draft doesn't say how the intensity of the shadow relates to the 


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