Re: [cssom-view] small update

Garrett Smith wrote:
> Even if offsetTop were reverse engineered accurately, which it isn't,
> it would still have problems.


> Does the abstract need a rewrite?

To be honest, the abstract should be the last part written, imo.  And even then, 
it will at best imperfectly capture what's going on.  That's the nature of absracts.

> 1) clientLeft/Top - is fine in a RTL world with only top/left
> positioning where pixels are rounded.

This is the same as offsetTop.  It needs to be specified for UA interop, but 
it's pretty poor as authoring APIs go.

> 2) no contentWidth or analagous property -
> 3) offsetTop/Parent is broken by design - can't reliably determine the
> distance between 2 arbitrary elements

I think the getBoundClientRect/getClientRects APIs cover all these issues, no?

> 5) unclear on whether a CSS Pixel will include decimal precision

Probably implementation-dependent, for what it's worth.  I would assume that 
anything that's |float| in the IDL will include whatever accuracy the UA can 
provide.  In that case of Gecko, say, that means it'll first be rounded to the 
nearest 1/60 of a CSS pixel and then rounded to the nearest floating-point 
number expressible on the architecture the browser is running on.  That sort of 

This does raise an interesting question.  The offset* properties are declared as 
floats in the IDL in the spec.  I don't think that's compatible with 
implementations, and worse yet it's not really compatible with content...

> Screen -
> These properties do not seem to have anything to do with the CSSOM abstract.

I guess I pretty much expect the abstract to have nothing to do with the meat of 

> Breaking all this down, rehashing it -- is time and energy consuming.
> ...."

I can see that.  Ideally, the above points would have made it into the relevant 
issues list.


P.S.  Good to see we're back to actual technical issues here.

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