Re: [cssom-view] small update

Garrett Smith wrote:
> It is a direct response to your statement, just above it. Your
> sentence that updates won't always migrate until they're updated

What Anne actually said, complete with what he quoted:

   > people are still using legacy systems.
   > 40% of "my" site's visitors are still using IE 6
   > and another 40% IE 7, and anyone using IE 6 will
   > not upgrade to IE 8+ any time soon. Any attempt to
   > standardize quirks mode must take into account IE's
   > existing behaviour and not assume that IE can "fix"
   > anything.

   This problem is not exactly unique to what we are discussing
   here. Updates to CSS (and other Web specifications) in
   general will not always migrate to such environments until
   they are updated.

I guess you got confused as to the antecedent of "they".  I thought given the 
context it pretty clearly meant "such environments", and not "updates to CSS".

In other words, we can spec whatever we want, but users won't have UAs that can 
do it until such UAs ship and users update to them.  This applies to 
clarifications of existing things, additional features, everything.

> Most of these issues haven't been mentioned yet.

I get some of this as a UA implementor.  "There's a bug on this page, but I 
won't tell you what it is."  To be honest, the only sane response is to not try 
to mind-read and instead focus on other tasks where there is enough information 
to make progress.

In other words, just mention the issues if you have them.  One mail per issue, 
ideally, so there is no confusion and issues don't get lost.


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