Re: [css3-mediaqueries] Is 'resolution' in terms of device pixels or CSS pixels?

Christoph Päper:
> When asked for the device resolution in metric measures, one  
> usually gives the diameter or width (equals height in many cases)  
> of one dot measured in micrometres (µm) or millimetres (mm). I  
> would much prefer this reciprocal method in the spec, although I  
> admit that 'dpi' is seen more frequently.

Sorry, I forgot: GCPM uses <dpi>, but not 'dpcm' for its |image- 
resolution| property <>, and  
would have to be changed accordingly.

Note that 'pt' may be a substitute for 'in', when using the reciprocal.

    72dpi => 1pt    ~= 0.353mm
    96dpi => 0.75pt ~= 0.265mm
   300dpi => 0.24pt ~= 0.085mm

Received on Monday, 7 April 2008 21:01:02 UTC