[CSSWG] Resolutions 2008-03: Future Features

Highly experimental brainstorming-level stuff. No resolutions, just notes.

Tree List Styles

   Discussed tree lists styling:

   NOTED: Solution should satisfy 80-90% case; no point in adopting if
          it only solves 10%.

   NOTED: Designers will want control over color, width, style of lines
          Using 'outline' or 'border' precludes giving the element an
          outline or border.

   IDEA:  A pseudo-element could provide a place to put styling
   IDEA:  One possible model is each list item has a T or L marker
   IDEA:  Another possible model is each list item has a horizontal bar
          marker and the vertical line belongs to the parent.

Multi-Style Elements (aka Collapsible Elements)

   Idea was to have two pseudo-classes, one normal and one alternate.
   UA toggles between styles. N styles also possible. Existence of
   the pseudos creates toggleable styles. There were strong reservations
   about that. Bert's writeup is at

Scriptable Selectors

   Idea was that a selector accepts a JavaScript function that returns
   true or false, determining whether the selector matches or not.
   VERY strong reservations about this from implementors: executing
   functions during selector matching is scary, particularly if those
   functions are allowed to modify the elements during matching!
   Alternate idea is to define a set of tokens on the element node and
   match against that.. to avoid executing any functions during style


   Clear use case for importing colors from a site-wide style sheet.
   CSSWG wants more concrete use cases for anything beyond that.

   fantasai points to webstandards.org comments and suggests macros
   for selectors, values, and declaration sets would fulfill most
   requests there.

   CSSWG will post a simple proposal macros for values only, and see
   if that will encourage web designers to post real examples of where
   more powerful macros are needed.

Changing the Subject of the Selector (Parent Selector)

   Suggested to add this to Selectors 4. Need implementors' "strong


   Steve reports on conclusions from joint meeting with Paul and
   fantasai: plan is to introduce text-orientation, which operates
   on runs of text, unlike XSLFO/SVG's glyph-orientation, which
   operates on individual glyphs. Glyph-orientation's behavior
   causes characters to be in the wrong order for some of its
   values. text-orientation will take keywords for common effects.

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