Re: [CSSWG] Resolutions 2008-02-26

Alan Gresley wrote:

> I should add that these wildcard attribute selectors with negation.
> :not([att^=val])
> :not([att$=val])
> :not([att*=val])
> which currently "match nothing" in all implementations supporting negation. If the implementations change their behavior with those earlier cases (without negation) then all implementations will show the above three selectors when changed as a match (like green).

Excellent point. If [att|=""] is valid and matches nothing, then
:not([att|=""]) is also valid and matches everything. Not sure that's
the desired behaviour here.

I think this should be added to our list of issues. I'm not saying I
disagree with making this work as designed, but I want the whole WG
to agree on that negated behaviour.


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