Re: [CSS3-page] Headers and Footers on Blank Pages

Michael Day wrote:
> Hi fantasai,
>> A selector for blank pages generated by page breaks would take care
>> of this.
>>   @page :blank {
>>     visibility: hidden;
>>   }
> Prince supports the :blank page class selector, although I think we 
> would specify "content: none" rather than visibility.

That would work in the author style sheet, but not in the UA style sheet:
as soon as the author specifies something else for their margin boxes

   @page {
      @top-left { content: "My Header"; }

that has overridden the UA's 'content' rules on :blank. (The UA's rule
is more specific, but it is in a lower level of the cascade.)

But, if Prince already supports :blank, maybe we could add it to CSS3
Paged Media instead of CSS4 Paged Media.


Received on Friday, 28 September 2007 13:20:57 UTC