Re: [CSS3-page] Headers and Footers on Blank Pages

Grant, Melinda wrote:
> Fantasai said:
>> We're going through a document on Japanese layout 
>> requirements right now, and it is mentioned that headers and 
>> footers aren't printed on blank pages. Maybe CSS3 Paged Media 
>> should specify that margin boxes are not printed on a blank 
>> page if it is generated by page-break-*: left | right.
> Well, we certainly could do so; do we have data that this would
> generally be preferred over printing the headers when such an empty page
> is forced?
> It's not clear to me that this is the best answer: I think it's very
> common for English documents to leave a page blank, except that headers
> and footers (and sometimes the note about the page being left blank
> intentionally) do appear.

I think that happens a lot in technical documents where you want to be
sure there are no pages missing, but not for e.g. books. So for most
printing I'd expect a default of not printing the headers would be best.

> If we decide to omit margin boxes on such pages, how would page
> numbering be affected? The page number wouldn't be printed, but the
> increment would still occur?  (You wouldn't want odd and even page
> numbers to jump around between right and left pages...)  Presumably
> other counters would be treated similarly to the page counter?

No, you'd definitely want the counters to still take effect. The
whole thing should behave as if the margin boxes had visibility: hidden,
not display: none.

> If necessary, we can add a control here I suppose...

Or in CSS4 Paged Media... I think CSS4 Paged Media should start
existing after CSS3 Paged Media hits CR: a lot of the GCPM features
would fit better in such a module.

A selector for blank pages generated by page breaks would take care
of this.

   @page :blank {
     visibility: hidden;

   @page :blank {
      @top-right-corner {
        visibility: hidden;
if you want the @page borders to still be visible. If dropping the
page headers and footers is a desirable default, we could specify
that UAs put the top rule in their default style sheet.


Received on Thursday, 27 September 2007 19:30:28 UTC