Text-Shadow, Box-Shadow, Shadow?

Hi. I’d like to request a ‘shadow’ property be included in the final  
3.0 specs to provide for circumstances where box-shadow and text- 
shadow aren’t enough. For example, boxes with a background image that  
has an alpha channel and a freeform shape. The shadow property should  
work much like that of desktop image editors, creating more shadow  
for more opaque places and less for more transparency to allow for  
non-square shadows. It should work on any element which has the  
potential to have a visually freeform shape.

I'd also like to suggest, as a potential enhancement to shadows for a  
future specification (3.1?) that a text/box-shadow-spread property be  
added, allowing the shadow to be relatively larger or smaller than  
the object it's being drawn for, thus enhancing the feeling of depth  
in more artistic layouts.

Received on Monday, 17 September 2007 13:51:00 UTC